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Posted on August 30, 2013 at 7:15 PM

“Tuxedos don’t go out of style; tuxedos are style.” “The suit has no more replaced the tuxedo than the word guy has replaced the word sir.”  – Glenn O’Brien, Writer for GQ MagazinePhoto Credit: www.thestyleblogger.comThe above quotations were too good not to open with.  We are committed to keeping you up to date on all things formal.  That includes industry news, the latest and the most popular styles, and other tuxedo trends.  We also want to keep you informed when influential style sources and online media have something to say about tuxedos and dressing formally.In the past few days, tuxedos and black tie formal wear have received a surprising amount of praise and attention from some of the biggest trend-setters of mens style and fashion anywhere.  Heavy weights like GQ Online Magazine have both posted several articles recently defending, endorsing, and explaining the art of dressing formally.  This is exactly the kind of attention and exposure that can rightly compel a new (and old) generation of potential tuxedo-wearers to dress up instead of down.I could easily go on and on about the contents of these articles, but they speak very well for themselves.  Instead of trying to paraphrase everything that’s been said, we’ve included several links below so that you can read a few of these influential reviews for yourself.So, if you’re interested, take a minute or two out of your busy day, sit down with some tea, or maybe popcorn, and take a look at these articles below.  Learn what fashion experts have to say about tuxedos, the art of dressing formally, and the art of dressing up while you’re dressing down.  Then let us know what you think. We’re hopeful that this sort of thing can really stir up some much needed interest. here.

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